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Mercime Pictures

We invite you to browse around and let us know if the Lord touches you by one of our current or future projects. God Bless You Brothers and Sisters.

Mercime Pictures is an innovative medium that develops, produces, and directs Christ centered movies for the main purpose of bringing glory to the Lord. Our prayer is that we can use our talents to lead others to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our Mission since day one is to effectively communicate a message that there is more power in the name of Jesus than anything else on the planet.

Throughout our society there are cultural influences dictating the direction in which we, as the church leads. So our focus is to ultimately, divert that direction with quality Christian entertainment.

Our Team

Mercime Pictures is a family owned movie production company located in a small town right across the river from Augusta, Georgia, home to what is known as The Masters.

Who knows, maybe we'll shoot a golf movie one day starring Jesus. Wait a minute, hasn't that already been done? Check out Bobby Jones; Stroke of Genius with Jim Caviezel, who only portrayed Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. Please know this is only a joke, I mean look at it this way. 18 consecutive Aces for Jesus, and that's the end of the movie. All we're saying is that we immensely desire, sometimes even humorously, bringing the True Master to you, no matter where we're located.


Charles W Mercier

Responsible for day to day operations of the company and management of the Mercime Pictures' Facebook page.

Shahlo Mercier
Secretary/Business Affairs

Shahlo handles the overall organization of documents and travel schedules for Mercime Pictures.

Dinah Radjabova
Executive Administrator

Dinah serves as administrator and utilizes her hospitality experiences to bring a quality dynamic to Mercime Pictures