I Am Relentless

Completed and released documentary in October of 2019. Shot almost entirely in North Augusta, South Carolina, with the lone exception being Destin, Florida.

I Am Relentless takes viewers on an exhilarating journey from North Augusta football being a perennial powerhouse to where a town settled for complacency. Cally Gault coached Yellow Jacket teams that would go on a 42-game unbeaten streak, and two championships. He established a tradition based upon a proven formula for winning. As much as it was about a state of mind, it was more about a state of being. Twenty-four years later when North Augusta was mired in a perpetual irrelevancy, Coach Morris made a timely exit.

The winds of change blew strong and Coach Bill Utsey was brought in to save a program that had found itself on every “bottom-dweller” list in their entire region. His energetic, unorthodox, and rather unusual approach to coaching made an impact almost immediately. Anyone who could play football wanted to play football for him. His first move outside of informing his wife he would take the job was picking up where Coach Gault had left off... Mission: North Augusta Tradition.